Chromatic Euphoria
I fell in love with the world in you.
- Noah And The Whale, Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered  (via sorakeem)

(Source: larmoyante)


"Land of No Return"- Wild Sweet Orange

I spent a summer driving when I turned 20.
I had a white Ford Explorer with a door that wouldn’t unlock. There was a dent in the hood and dog hair on the seats that wouldn’t seem to go away. It smelled like too much air fresheners and not enough gasoline. But I drove across state lines anyways. 

I made new friends and spent evenings getting lost. I stumbled across this album while on my trip. It’s funny how certain songs can seal away a specific memory. Each and every time I hear this one, I think about driving alone in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn’t some magical sunset hour, more like 3:00 P.M. I wasn’t holding someones hand. I wasn’t heartbroken about anything. I was just a boy lost in some verses and a melancholy chorus. 

Fast forward to summertime four years later. I have a different car now. One that doesn’t smell funny and has doors that work properly. But I still feel like that same boy, staring up at dusty ceiling fans and dreaming about growing up.

oh, and love is no illusion,
sometimes i can see it in your eyes.
and hear it moan and tumble,
down the hill when the traffic dies.


Munad vürtsikate ubade ja lehtpeediga / Baked eggs with spicy beans and chard (by sillev)